Mix Sea Food Platter

Variety of sea food including fish, prawn, squid served with dips

D&C Spl Seafood Devil

Rare delicacy from the sea, sweet and sour seafood stir fry with intense flavours served in a saucy gravy

Fish Devil Srilankan Style

Fish pieces pan cooked with onions, capsicum, soya sauce & South Indian spices

Fish Cutlet Srilankan Style

Spicy and slightly tangy sh with onions and chillies coated in bread crums and deep fried

Madurai Fish Fry

King fish coated in a spicy marinade and fried

Chilli King Prawn (V)

Marinated and fried prawns, pan fried with green pepper, onion, curry leaves & South Indian spices

Prawn Chukka

Prawn pieces marinated in our special spices cooked with chopped

Madras Prawn Fry

Spicy tiger prawns fried in a lightly spiced batter